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a Latin name for the fraction 1/12,  used in many ways to represent a twelfth part.

uncia is the Roman ounce, equal to about 27.2875 grams of 0.9625 ounce avoirdupois. There were 12 ounces in a Roman pound, and the word uncia means a 12th part.
the word "unit" means "one" when counting.
a traditional German weight unit, corresponding to the English ounce. The unze equals 1/16 pfund. It varied in size from about 28 to 35 grams. The word comes directly from the Latin uncia; the plural is unzen.
a Roman unit of volume equal to about 12.75 liters (3.37 U.S. liquid gallons or 2.80 British Imperial gallons). The Latin word urna mean a jug, giving rise to the English word urn.
U.S. shipping ton
the freight ton, or shipping ton. see ton.


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