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a traditional Chinese weight unit.  The qian is equal to 0.1 liang, or exactly 5 grams (0.1764 ounce).
qintar (cantar)
a traditional Arabic unit of weight. The unit varied in size from market to market and over time. It has been interpreted as an informal metric unit equal to 50 kilograms (110.23 pounds).
quadrant (quad)
a unit of angle measure equal to 1/4 circle, pi/2 radians, 90, or 100 grads.

a unit of distance equal to the distance from the North Pole to the Equator. The metric system was designed this unit as exactly 10 million meters (6213.71 miles).
a group of 4 items, especially 4 identical items.
a unit of information equal to 4 shortwords, 8 bytes or 64 bits.
a traditional unit of volume, equals exactly 1/4 (one quarter) of a gallon.  The quart equals 2 pints.
a unit of quantity equal to 4.
a statistical unit equal to 25 percentiles, or 1/4.
a traditional Italian unit of volume, equal to about 73.6 liters or 2.60 cubic feet.
a unit of relative time in music equal to 1/8 whole note or 1/16 breve.
a traditional unit of time equal to five years.
a traditional unit of weight in France, Portugal, Spain, and the Arab world for more than 2000 years. It was equal to 100 Roman pounds. It passed into Arabic as the cantar or qintar and then returned to Europe through Arab traders in the form quintal . The traditional French quintal equaled 100 livres (48.95 kilograms or 107.9 pounds). The Spanish quintal is 100 libras (about 46 kilograms or 101 pounds). The Portuguese quintal is larger; it is equal to 128 libras (about 129.5 pounds or 58.75 kilograms).

unit of mass equal to 100 kilograms or approximately 220.4623 pounds.
a unit of quantity equal to 5.
a statistical unit equal to 20 percentiles, or 1/5 of a ranked sample.
a group of 5 items, especially 5 identical items; the word is also used for one member of the group.


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