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a traditional Swiss unit of liquid volume.  1.5 liters , about 3.17 U.S. liquid pints.
Imperial units
the units of the British Imperial system, adopted by Parliament in 1828. e.g. foot, pound,  pint etc. The Weights and Measures Acts of 1963 and 1985 had redefined the Imperial units in term of the SI units.
a traditional unit of distance equal to 1/12 foot, or 2.54 centimeters.

one of several traditional units of pressure. Air pressure might bs measured in inches of mercury and water pressure in inches of water column.
inch of mercury (in Hg)
a traditional unit of atmospheric pressure. In the United States, it is usually expressed as the height of a column of mercury exerting the same pressure as the atmosphere. When a traditional mercury barometer is used, this height is read directly as the height of the mercury column. One inch of mercury is 0.491 153 pounds per square inch or 3.386 38 kilopascals (33.8638 millibars).
inch of water column (in WC)
a traditional unit of pressure, used in plumbing to describe both water and gas pressures. One inch of water is 249.0889 pascals, orn2.490 889 millibars, about 0.036 127 pounds per square inch, or about 0.073 556 inches of mercury.
Irish acre
a traditional unit of land area in Ireland, equal to 7840 square yards, 70 560 square feet, or about 1.6198 English acre(0.6555 hectare).
Irish mile
the traditional mile in Ireland is 6720 feet, 1.272 727 English mile or 2.048 256 kilometers.
the "short name" of the International Organization for Standardization. Based in Switzerland, the ISO sets international industrial standards, including standards for the use of units of measurements.


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