Helping your child develop some self-help strategies

Here are some suggestions on how to help your child develop some self-help strategies.

When your child approaches you and states that he or she is stuck...

1) ask the child to get out their notes. Have them go over the notes they took in class and look for any examples that are similar to the problems they are stuck on. You may have to do this with your child for a while. If he or she does not take good, organized notes, then start developing this in the child.

2) ask the child to read the section or section(s) of the math textbook that deal with this concept. Insist they pay careful attention to the examples, perhaps even working through the examples along with the book so that they see where the numbers come from.

3) ask the child to phone a homework buddy from class. If they don't have one, suggest they get one.

4) suggest to the child that they research the topic on the internet OR use an online service like Your child could have sent this email in just as easily as you did. (put the ownership of 'getting it' on the child)

5) if all else fails, instruct the student to try as much of the problem as he or she can and then skip to the next problem. Insist that you child place a star next to the problem they struggled on. Moreover, insist that the child ask about that particular problem or issue in class. Follow up with your child the next day and inquire as to what the teacher said about that problem. Ask your child what they learned when they asked the question. Ask your child if they asked about the problem at all!!!