Get Your Kids to Eat Healthy Foods in summer

Summer is just around the corner, how to keep your teens to eat healthier in this summer? To expand your child’s taste and enjoy the healthy, easy-to-eat foods that with sufficient nutrition, we offer these tips

First of all, get your kids to help creating menus, shopping, and preparing food. They are generally more apt to eat when they have made some decisions about the meals. You, of course, can guide their decisions. Look for children's cookbooks, which have kid-friendly recipes and basic cooking lessons.

In the summer, try to get your children interested in gardening. If they can see super sweet cherry tomatoes, strawberries, corn, or baby peas growing, then harvest them that may get them more interested in vegetables and fruits. Nutritionists say that most children need to actually see a new food four to five times before they'll even try it, so keep introducing those fruits and veggies.

  • Try to focus on the sweeter 'good for you' foods, like strawberries, mandarin oranges, cherries, tomatoes, sweet peas, and corn. 
  •  You can add some finely chopped fruits to gelatin salads, add some pureed sweet peas to guacamole, and serve tiny vegetables, like baby carrots and baby corn, with appetizer dips. 
  • I like using pureed fruits in desserts - even though they're desserts; you are getting some nutrition into your kids. 
  • Finely chop carrots and mix them into spaghetti sauce. 
  • Make some fruit breads - banana bread, pear bread, and apple bread are all good. 
  •  You can also finely mince vegetables and add them to hamburger patties or turkey burgers. 
  • Puree corn and stir that into corn muffin batter, or make apple cake or pumpkin cheesecake. 
  • Think grab 'n' go for lunchtime fixin's.  Stock whole wheat bread and low-fat deli meats and peanut butter for sandwiches; flour tortillas and low-fat cheeses for microwavable quesadillas; ready-to-eat salad mixes and pre-cooked chicken breasts for salads; and low-fat yogurt and granola for topping off fruit. 
  •  Stock the refrigerator with individual cartons of 100 percent fruit juice and small cans of fruit with pop-top lids, cut-up fruit, and pre-cut vegetables partnered with a favorite dip.  Freeze cartons of 100 percent fruit juice to serve as "pops," or freeze grapes and slices of bananas for bite-size treats.  
  •  Don't forget the beverages.  Healthy thirst quenchers include 100 percent fruit juice, bottled water, low-fat milk, and frozen fruit juice "cubes" to float in mineral water.