57 Ways to say "Thanks"
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1. Smile.

2. Treat to a soda.

3. Be available.

4. Allow freedom of expression.

5. Ask for a report & give credit where due.

6. Send a birthday card.

7. Get a t-shirts advertising your group.

8. Give or email notes of thanks for a job well done.

9. Give or email notes of support when things arent going to well.

10. Arrange for discounts to on-campus events. (Talk to BDP about group rates.)

11. Plan annual ceremonial occasions.

12. Care about members.

13. Involve members in goal setting.

14. Use members in an emergency situation.

15. Respect their wishes.

16. Keep challenging them.

17. Let them know where they stand.

18. Say Good Morning.

19. Be willing to learn from others.

20. Greet members by name.

21. Help them develop skills.

22. Give praise when appropriate.

23. Permit the group to solve its own problems.

24. Encourage idea sharing.

25. Help them gain self-confidence.

26. Take time to explain fully.

27. Be verbal.

28. Hold discussion /chat sessions.

29. Communicate standards and be consistent.

30. Surprise with munchies.

31. Give additional responsibilities.

32. Respect sensitivities.

33. Enable to grow in job.

34. Enable to grow out of job.

35. Create pleasant surroundings.

36. Enlist to train other volunteers.

37. Take time to talk.

38. Send a valentine.

39. Celebrate outstanding projects and achievements.

40. Provide useful tools in good working condition.

41. Say Good Night.

42. Plan social events.

43. Demonstrate confidence in members.

44. Help members evaluate, understand, and learn from failures.

45. Be a real person.

46. Accept individuality.

47. Provide opportunities for conferences and evaluations.

48. Plan occasional extravaganzas.

49. Send impromptu fun cards or email.

50. Have clear goals and objectives.

51. Be tactful.

52. Say we missed you.

53. Adequately orient and train.

54. Send Holiday cards.

55. Be familiar with details of members work.

56. Have a picnic.

57. Say Thank You!